Children's Science Parties with the super Science Boffins!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas with a Science Theme

Any birthday party ideas that you would like Science Boffins to reflect in the party?  Let us know beforehand and we will try to show appropriate experiments. We have themed special birthday party ideas - Dinosaur Parties, Super Heroes, Incredible Hulk, Wizards, Pirates, Cowboy Western, Halloween, Space, Volcanos and Harry Potter parties.  All can be themed, albeit loosely, at our parties.

For example, the following experiments were used in a Wild West party!


  • Glow in the dark
  • Foaming Blood
  • Coloured liquids
  • Clinging Slime
  • Evil smells

“As the children were leaving I heard many say it was by far the best party they had been to. Many, many thanks and please thank Boffin Jack - he was terrific.” with best wishes, Rosey.

Do you have special birthday party ideas you want to tell us about?  Why not share it with us and we will try to mould the party to suit your requirements?

When you think about it there is almost no limit to the Birthday Party Ideas that you can come up with.  Since Science is all around us everything is there to be incorporated in your birthday party. Ideas that might at first seem silly can sometimes make for a very original idea.  For example we perform an experiment called Elephant's toothpaste.  But the very same experiment can be used for birthday party ideas by calling is a bubbling pot for Harry Potter or a steaming volcano for the volcanologist amongst us.  With the use of colouring you have Alien's Blood for a Sci-Fi birthday party ideas party or Martian landscape if yours is a Space themed party.  We can even call it a prehistoric swamp if your birthday party ideas are geared towards dinosaurs. Do you know what, the lab at Science Boffins have just come up with some great Birthday Party Ideas.  What about a Science Birthday Party in a box?  This is the next thing that we are working on is a new concept where we will send you all the experiments that you need for either a one hour or a one and a half hour party.

Some examples that we might add are:

  • Flash Paper and Diffraction Grating Glasses
  • Disappearing Water with Water Gel
  • Snow, made in children's hands
  • Make Slime
  • Turn water into wine (and back again)
  • Spill ink on your white Science Boffins coat and blow it away

Not only will you get all the material and equipment but we plan to make a video so you can actually see a qualified Science Boffin demonstrating these great new science birthday party ideas.  We will send you a typed script so you just can't go wrong.

Contact us and let’s arrange a special party everyone will remember!

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