Children's Science Parties with the super Science Boffins!

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Themed party? How about one where science is involved!

Science Themed Birthday Party for Children by Science BoffinsIf there’s a particular theme that you would like your Science Boffin to reflect in their presentation, tell us in advance and we will try our best to include some relevant science experiments. For example, Halloween and Harry Potter parties can include ones that generate bubbling potions.

As an example, the following experiments were adapted to fit into a themed party!


  • Coloured liquids
  • Evil smells
  • Glow in the dark
  • Foaming Blood
  • Clinging Slime
“As the children were leaving I heard many say it was by far the best party they had been to. Many, many thanks and please thank Boffin Jack - he was terrific.”with best wishes, Rosey.

Contact us and let’s arrange your themed science party everyone will remember!

Children having fun at a science party by Science BoffinsChildren love to go home with a party bag. Taking a bag of gifts home is the perfect ending for a child after an exciting Science Party.

Take the strain out of buying gifts to make up party bags, let Science Boffins arrange delivery to your home all the items needed to make up your party take homes which includes a colourful bag so that you can personalise each one. Our party bags contain toys selected for their scientific interest and equally suited for Boys and Girls:

  • Standard Party bags with 5 gifts plus colourful bag
  • Deluxe Party bags with 8 gifts plus colourful bag

If you order too many party bags we give a full refund on unused bags that are returned to our Borehamwood office.

Contact us today, and let us take over your Child’s Party Bag arrangements!

Perfect party ideas for younger children

All Younger children can enjoy a soft and gentle Science Party

Children with butterflies, party ideads for 3-5 year oldsScience Boffins have been bombarded by demands to entertain younger children with Science. Now we can take your youngsters typically aged 3 - 5 years old to the enchanted land of Woo Woo where we ford rivers of balloons in our squeaky shoes to get to the grumpy old king and make him smile in a world of bubbles, some bubbles are even big enough to engulf a child!

On the way to the king, the children will “sleep” through a shower of bubbles which will not wake them, nor will the squeaks, cracks and spooky sounds of the enchanted forest.

party ideas for 3-5 year olds from the Science BoffinsIf it gets too dark we will show the children how to make magic stars.

Brilliantly delivered by our trained actors chosen for their child friendly attitude, there will not be a gruff professor in sight! Just lots of fun games and races.

Or else tell us your birthday party ideas for younger kids and we will see what we can do.

Contact us and let’s arrange a ‘Bubbles & Balloons’ party your child will remember!

Mini Imps Party for budding young Scientists.

Slime Party Fun

A Shorter Childrens Party

WOW a great new Childrens Birthday Party idea for your children. Do you want a little longer entertainment for your science party but limited on time? Science Boffins have shaped their presentations so that we can now present a fully interactive, hands-on fun party lasting 75 minutes which includes making slime while talking about polymers.

And what are we going to do in the extra time?

The Children will make slurpy, streeeechy, gloopy slime. You and I might find it yucky but the kids simply adore the cool sensation of it running through their hands. We have found this especially good for parents who feel that 90 minutes is just that little bit too long for their younger children (in the 4 to 5 year range) or those with older children who are subject to a tight timetable.

And the Special Bonus Is!

This cut down party comes with the added bonus of shaving a few pounds off the price of a longer celebration.

Dates are booking fast, so don't delay and check for availability


Science Boffins makes every party special but our extravaganza parties go the extra mile!

Are you looking for a children’s science party that is out of this world and a true extravaganza? Search no further…

Our extravaganza party is a two-hour presentation delivered by our highly professional, DBS vetted, fully trained Science Boffins. This unique presentation includes a selection of our bigger signature experiments plus your choice of two elements from the following list:

Contact us today and let us arrange a Science Boffins extravaganza party you’ll never forget!

Science Boffins want to please and are always happy to include extras.

‘Slime Making’ Party Extra

Another fine mess!

Young party guests can learn about polymers and take home their own pots of personally mixed ghastly green, putrid pink or rancid red sticky slime. Of course, it’s all washable with soap and water and definitely non-toxic.

  • Each child will have their own pot, and mix their own slime
  • Slime Colours: Ghastly green or putrid pink or rancid red
  • For an easy party bag idea: you could drop into a sandwich bag with our take-home glasses and some cake/sweets

Party Extra for your Young Astronaut

To infinity and beyond!

Do you know a budding astronaut? When the birthday boy or girl is ready to launch their space craft, the whole group counts down to blast off and then the model rocket or lunar module shoots hundreds of feet into the air. A fitting climax to a fun birthday party!

  • Safe, instructive and educational
  • The Rocket is launched by the Birthday Child
  • Group countdown
  • Rocket shoots up hundreds of feet into the air
  • Options: a Lunar Module or a Model Rocket depending on surrounding trees

‘Dry Ice Spectacular’ Party Extra

In the mists of time…

We discover the amazing properties of Dry Ice and through the swirling mists…

  • See the Queen shiver
  • Hear the screaming spoons
  • Have a soda-pop belch. Excuse me, I mean burp!
  • Pop CO2 bubbles and see the gas pour out
  • Make a homemade fire extinguisher
  • Sit around a Tomb Stone scary graveyard effect

....ooooh spooky!

‘Sweet Science’ Party Extra

It tastes just like lemon sherbet…

In Sweet Science, which lasts half an hour, we take the children through an understanding of the three states of matter, solid, liquid and gas.

In order to prove the point we evaporate the drop of water to be found in a corn seed and watch as it bursts into popcorn. Since it would be a crime to waste food we give it to the children to eat. We will also show the children how things that alone taste nasty, when combined taste delicious. Did you know that by themselves bicarbonate of soda, citric acid and icing sugar don’t taste good. But mix them in the right proportions and wow! tastes just like lemon sherbet!

“Please pass our thanks onto Boffin Anwen, she was a big hit with the kids and the parents! Excellent! ”kind regards, Gayle

To learn whilst laughing is surely the best way for children to develop an understanding of how science affects every aspect of their world!

Contact us and let’s arrange a Birthday Party your child will remember!