Little Imps’ Parties

Science Party Slime Idea

That’s just about cooked!

For parents who feel left in limbo Science Boffins have developed a Little Imps’ Party especially for kids aged from 4 to 6 years old.

It is a combination of 45 minutes science followed by 30 minutes of everyone’s favorite – slime making.   It is hard to imagine anything more fun than the science experiments turned into games by the Boffins.  Hard that is until you get to the slime making.  Pots of horrible green gunge stretched to breaking point again and again to the hoots of fun from the children.

Science Boffins have a full page devoted to this Imps’ Party Idea .  Tell us all how you kids enjoyed their’s.


Dry Ice Children’s Party Ideas plus a secret ingredient

Those Techs in the Science Boffin’s lab have been busy again.  They have dreamed up a whole new bundle of fun for childrens party ideas.

Dry Ice proved so much fun as a half hour bolt-on the Boffins Lab was told to double the enjoyment.  And, do you know what they came up with?  Yes, you’ve guessed it – they made package that lasts twice as long – one whole hour.  That’s 60 minutes of dry ice fun.

And what is more, if you want a really cool bolt-on we can spend an extra 30 minutes making the best Ice Cream and Sorbet you’ve ever tasted with enough to go round for everyone to taste.

We are working on the flavours but if you have any ideas what tastes you would like us to develop, just drop us a line and we will see if we can include it in our package.

Or, if you have any other childrens party ideas do let us know

Expect this to go live around July, just in time for a sizzling hot summer. Keep checking this blog and at www.ScienceBoffins.co.uk


Science Boffins head to Northern Ireland!

Science Boffins have been excited by the demand for their parties and presentations in England and Scotland, so much so they have decided that they will extend their operations.

As from 23rd July, Science Boffins Kids Parties are now available in Northern Ireland. The Boffins have a team of 4 excellent presenters who are all experienced in handling children’s parties and kid’s entertainment. Whilst based in Belfast and Londonderry we will be covering the whole of the 6 counties.

In addition Science Boffins have a whole gamut of workshops and assemblies ready to roll out for the Schools.  Quite apart from the dozen or so existing workshops there will be a whole new crop on line for 2013 Science Week where the theme is Inventions and Discoveries.