Boffins bring scientific workshops to LAS groups

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We are on a mission to get children excited about the wonders of science from a young age through our interactive, educational and fun science workshops and demonstrations.

As part of our mission, we work with Learning Assisted Schools (LAS) across the UK. Over the past 12 years, we have been specially selected by charities, schools and individuals to entertain and educate their children at Learning Assisted Schools (LAS) and Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools.

Our fully trained and DBS approved Boffins are very adaptable and love to develop their workshops, demonstrations and presentations to the needs of their audience. We are sensitive to the requirements of groups and individuals and we work closely with the pupils and their teachers and carers to extract the very best aspects of our interactive demonstrations to engage the children.

We also have experience of working with groups and individuals where concentration can be difficult, for example pupils with ADHD. For these groups, we work in small modules to provide frequent, positive reinforcement to help keep the children interested and learning. For children who have physical needs or restrictions in their movement, we will happily move at their pace and try to select appropriate activities where they can participate in the workshop.

We regularly receive positive feedback on our LAS and SEN workshops and events, and we happily take this feedback on board to ensure we are always improving our workshop offering for these groups.

Following a recent science event at Applefields School in York, one teacher said; “The Science Boffin gave an excellent demonstration – it kept all of our pupils’ attention and they all found it very interesting. Lots of visual things, some straightforward explanation and a little bit of higher level science for those of our pupils that have a little more ability. I thought the whole talk was very well pitched for a group of special needs students and there was something there for everyone.”

To find out more about our LAS and SEN workshops and events, call Science Boffins on 020 8953 5566.

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