Safety Assured!

Science Boffins love to play, but they always play safe.

Science Boffin:
What should you always remember when mixing chemicals?
Never lick the spoon!


Safety First

Childen wearing glasses at a Science Boffins Science Party

Science shows for primary schools and children's science parties are entirely safe. Children's safety is always paramount and our Boffins only undertake fun science experiments that do not endanger children in any way.

Every item of equipment we use, including items commonly found in the home, are rigorously tested in a similar way that children’s toys are tested.


Comprehensive Training

Our Science Boffins are fully trained and thoroughly tested in safety. During kids' science parties and school shows, Boffins encourage children to handle equipment that has, in the main, been especially created for our hands-on demonstrations. However, no child is allowed to touch anything until invited to do so by the Science Boffin.


Involving the Children

Children getting involved in science at a Science Boffins Science Party

Our Science Boffins create as many hands-on experiments as possible; science shows for primary schools and science parties for kids are designed to be interactive with children playing the roles of assistants, or experimenting individually, or together in groups.


Background Checks

Everyone in our team is checked and approved to work with children. For more information please visit the Disclosure and Barring Service Website.


In the Event...

School Assemblies - Science Boffins

Everyone participating in our shows, or simply watching, is fully insured. Our Science Boffins believe 100% in safety first and never take risks.

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