Science Matters!

Science Boffins love to learn and it is their infectious desire for discovery through fun experiments that inspires and thrills young children ...and adults too!

Science Boffin: I’m reading a book about helium and just can’t put it down!


Children learning about science with Science Boffins

Children love our Science Boffins' party games because we put a lot of scientific craziness into all our fun activities.


Our kids' party entertainers are Science Boffins and boffins like nothing more than engaging children in exploding experiments that are part of Key Stage 1 & 2 syllabuses.


young boy using Vandergraff with Science Boffins

Science Boffins utilise science demonstrations to stimulate Socratic learning techniques that involve asking questions and encouraging lively debate. All our experiments and are designed to stimulate imaginations, excite children’s curiosity and encourage their desire to explore scientific phenomena.

We help children develop their understanding of key scientific ideas and to use their senses to explore the world about them.


Childern playing with dry ice at a Science Boffins science party

Science Boffins love surprises and so do children when we show them amazing examples of scientific phenomena. Demonstrations of Forces & Motion and Light & Sound get children questioning the reasons why things happen the way they do. Our explanations are formulated to work within the contexts of what the children know already from their lessons.


KS1 and KS2 science experiments are suitable for children of all ages; every one learns something new in a fun way. However, our experienced Science Boffins can tailor children's party games and science experiments to the school year of the children in a particular group.


Science Boffins science party with balloons!

Scientific knowledge expands through the sharing of information. Our Science Boffins use their skills to build within children an understanding of the part science plays in the development of many familiar items and how the limits of scientific thinking are constantly being challenged.

We encourage children to examine scientific facts and explanations and to introduce into their vocabulary simple scientific terms. Our boffins help children develop their own way of thinking, to enjoy the subject of science and to create a foundation on which they can continue to learn and share ideas.

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