What do Science Boffins do?

The Science Boffins make snow!We take the strain and responsibility of entertaining children and their friends at our unique, personalised parties. Parents often tell us that their parties are the talk of the playground for days afterwards. Imagine your child's popularity after having had a Science Boffin's party.

We have special rapport with children with special needs. We adapt our presentations to by being more visual and more tactile for close up fun. 

Science Boffins play with the world’s natural phenomena and present amazing scientific experiments and demonstrations, specifically created to be interactive and to illuminate elements of the KS1 & KS2 school curriculum.

In schools, clubs and parties, our Boffins explore science in madcap ways that thrill children and teach them that the brilliance of science can be seen in everything they touch.

Fun Science

Children's Science Parties are packed with amazing special effects that thrill and inform young minds through eye-popping experiments, lots of laughter and loads of fun.

Assistant: What do astronauts do when they lose their temper? Blast off!

Magic Science

A Science Boffins outdoor Science Fair

Every day, Children create science magic without realising what they are doing. Our Science Boffins involve the partygoers and like magic little scientific facts stick in their minds!

Roars of Laughter

Our Science Boffins love to entertain children. If mums and dads want to get stuck in then be prepared for riotous laughter and who knows what else?!

Guest Numbers

Our demonstrations and hands-on experiments are a great way to entertain large or small groups of children and adults.

Magic Experiments

Examples of Crazy Experiments:

Children enjoying an experiment with the Science Boffins

  • Elephant’s toothpaste by the gallon
  • Shade your eyes from our brilliant Flash Paper
  • Meet Squiddy, the naughtiest Squid in captivity
  • Mentos and the exploding Coca Cola bottle
  • Racing Rockets and Helicopter Balloons
  • The sticking power of dirt
  • Magnetic earrings, the latest in personal adornment
  • Wild tornados captured in a bottle

...and our boffins have many more spectacular surprises.

“In the wrong hands these chemicals could make a really smelly stink bomb. Does anybody have wrong hands?” A forest of hands usually springs up!

Trained Boffins

Our science parties, demonstrations and experiments are stimulating, spectacular and perfectly safe, supervised by Science Boffins who are all fully trained.

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