3 - Fireproof Balloon

The Fireproof Balloon shows the effect fire has on water...even if it's inside a balloon. This experiment involves fire so an adult must be around at all times.

What you will need

  • 1 adult - this experiment involves fire
  • 2 balloons
  • 1 candle in candlestick
  • 1 lighter or matches
  • 50ml water

How to do it

  • Inflate and tie off one balloon.
  • Light the candle.
  • Place the balloon just above the flame and be prepared for a big bang.
  • Add 50ml water to the second balloon. 
  • Inflate and tie off the balloon. 
  • Place the balloon just above the candle flame and be prepared for a big…silence!

What is happening?

When you put the air-filled balloon over the candle, the heat made the latex very hot and it became weak, so weak that it broke and popped.

When the balloon with water was heated, the water absorbed the heat so the balloon skin stayed cool. Water transfers heat much better than air and it has a greater capacity to hold the heat.

If you hold the water-filled balloon over the flame long enough, it will burst in time.

Advice: if you conduct this experiment over a sink, you will have water on hand in case the balloon catches fire. The sink will also catch the water if you continue the experiment until the balloon bursts. 

Share your experiment...

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This experiment involves matches and fire, so it is very important that an adult takes care of this part to prevent injury.

All experiments must be conducted in the safest possible way. An adult must be present wherever it states one is required. Never do anything dangerous with chemicals or fire for your sake and those around you.