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A Science Boffin will make your corporate event go with a bang by entertaining your guests for as long as there is oxygen in the room, chemicals to react and physics to astound!

Whatever the event: Openings, Promotions, Special Days, Fêtes, Client or Staff parties, we can provide intelligent, science magic that is stupidly funny and brilliantly amazing.

Corporate events by the Science BoffinsOur Science Boffins can perform demonstrations from a tabletop, enabling your guests to participate in a whole range of experiments that will surprise and inform.

Alternatively, we can stage a show that can last for up to an hour and present some of our flashier experiments with bangs, smoke, bursts of flames and in the process proving a theory, established by Daniel Bernoulli in the 18th century involving a roll of toilet paper.

Or, you can get the best of all worlds by inviting us to spend the day with you where we host a stall and entertain your guests with interactive experiments and also present a show of big, bold and beautiful science phenomena to demonstrate that there really is more than a little magic in science.

Science demonstations by the Science Boffins at corporate eventsTo conjure up a few examples of the kind of experiments our boffins demonstrate, please click here.

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‘Go with a Bang’!