Corporate Fêtes & Fairs

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People of all ages enjoy browsing around fêtes and fairs and love it when our Science Boffins experiment with potions, sound, rockets, light, etc. This has the remarkable effect of turning your organisation’s stand into the centre of attention and a hub of activity!

Here is a list of some of our experiments that can turn an important day into an amazing event:

  • Science Demonstration with Fire by Science BoffinsElectricity & Static Electricity – children learn about static electricity with fascinating demonstrations and, if they are good, enjoy a small electric shock!
  • Slime & Polymers – children take home a tub of noxious glowing slime in snotty green or putrid pink and in the process learn about polymers, both natural and man-made.
  • Let there be Light – colour and light and how the eye works culminates in an amazing indoor fireworks display observed through diffraction glasses.
  • Sounds like Fun – experiments to explain sound and how it travels complemented by some serious karaoke fun.
  • Heat of the Moment – temperature and explaining different methods by which heat is transmitted; our experiments demonstrate relative temperatures and how candy floss or pop-corn is made (possibly with samples!).
  • It's a load of Hot Air – we look at the science behind hot-air balloons and the Wright Brothers' early aeroplane designs, including Bernoulli's Principle and the History of Flight, demonstrated by the making and flying of paper aeroplanes.
  • Crazy Reactions – understanding chemical reactions and the factors that affect their rate of change in fun and interesting ways, resulting in amazing lights, colour variations and gas formations.
  • Magical Science – discovering the science behind some popular magic tricks and optical illusions.
  • Bad Air Day – experiments revealing the properties of air, smell, air pressure and the creation of a vortex.
  • Water Rockets – an amazing day making and testing the power of rockets – whoosh!!.

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