British Science Week 2017


10th - 19th March 2017

Here at Science Boffins HQ, we are really excited because we now have a new focal point - 10th-19th March 2017 the date for British Science Week 2017. Science Boffins will be going to Primary School Assemblies around the UK and presenting Science Workshops during this National Science Week.  We don't pretend to be teachers but we will make Science fun despite trying to sneak in elements of literacy, numeracy plus PSHCE and all from as little as £2.50 per pupil.

See below for details of our exciting School Workshops.

We already have a number of new and repeat schools, so to avoid disappointment book now to reserve your preferred date.


States of Matter

Back by ever popular demand: We will invite your pupils to join a fascinating interactive journey.  Understanding that everything around them is made of atoms will lead us on to a discussion of the three states of matter illustrated by the children in a vivid demonstration of Penguins in the Antarctic. They will then be introduced to Dry Ice, undoubtedly a top fun demonstration in our repertoire. Dry Ice burps, giant bubbles and fire extinguishers will ultimately give way to individually making a small quantity of instant ice cream for on the spot consumption.  Science does not get any better than this. Subject to a small premium for the supply of dry ice. 

Plasma Balls - Playful Polymers

A workshop bringing together some visual effects from the film industry with a very scientific slant almost guaranteed to have your pupils’ jaws drop with amazement. Let them create Frankenstein like plasm flashes. You bet they will fancy having electricity pass through their bodies in order to light a fluorescent tube or see a miniature lightning strike. They may even get a high voltage shock on their noses. Moving on from Tesla coils we talk about polymers and how they are used on film sets to make noxious slime. The technique is fascinating and the resultant take home pot of slime – irresistible.

Rocket Workshop

In an almost totally hands-on workshop for your pupils we quickly discuss rocket parts, their purposes and profiles.  When we reach the engine we will credit our great British scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, for his law regarding thrust and recognise Sir William Congreve for his incisive development of rocket design at the Royal Arsenal in London.  Then the real fun begins with everyone building individual stomp rockets to take home.  Competitive testing will be according to time and weather.  Option: Finish with a real model rocket launch of up to 600 ft for the whole school just £50 extra. 

Plants Workshop

For our biological boffins we can provide them with the opportunity to look at plants. Going down to their roots and how they transfer water and nutrients to the plant we build our way up to flowers and why they’re pretty colours. Be a bee transferring pollen between flowers and making seeds, we then look at what’s inside those tiny seeds… and of course we can’t leave leaves out.

Animals Including Humans Workshop

Humans are animals in their own right, but just how similar are we? In this interactive workshop new for 2017 we look at where different animals stand in the food chain. A focus on diets and how a balance is critical to healthy living precedes our “Gums to Bums” experiment which shows this food travelling through the digestive system into our blood. Each pupil is given their own sample of “Sweet Blood” to take home with them.

 British Science Week 2017 Funding

Applications for funding for British Science Week 2017 has now closed.

The British Science Association are offering three grant schemes to support activities and events for British Science Week 2017; one for schools, one for community groups and one for British Science Association branches.

Funding for British Science Week 2017 comes in three forms:

Kick Start Grants

Kick Start Grants – for schools in challenging circumstances to organise events for British Science Week. This can be up to £300 (Kick Start Grant) or up to £700 for activities that also involve the local community (Kick Start More Grant).

BSW Community Grants

BSW Community Grants – between £500 and £1000 grants for community groups who work with audiences who are traditionally under-represented and not currently engaged in a science activity. 

BSW Grants for BSA Branches

BSW Grants for BSA Branches – between £300 and £1000 of funding for British Science Association branches to run local events for British Science Week. This scheme is open to volunteer branches only. 

Applications for funding opened in October 2016 and closed in November 2016. For more information and to find out if your school or group is eligible, please visit the British Science Week website.