National Science & Engineering Week 2014

14th to 23rd March 2014

British Science Association - National Science and Engineering week 2014


Long awaited - much anticipated - here are the titles of the Workshops which are offered by Science Boffins for Science Week 2014



A whole new vista will rise and fall before your students’ eyes as they investigate the whys and wherefores that make substances go up and down.  Hot air balloons will rise majestically to the ceiling and lumps of clay will thud solidly to the bottom of a bowl.  Do eggs and oranges float or sink in water?  We will make them do both and as for the raisins they just can’t make up their minds so they dance up and down continuously.  As an optional extra Dancing Raisin Kit for your pupils to take home.



We will walk the children through the understanding that some solids and liquids contain gasses that can be liberated under certain conditions.  What could be more fun that making hydrogen and hearing the typical squeaky pop or see bubbles of oxygen pour out of "Elephant's Toothpaste" experiment making a split burst into flame.  See them both with the electrolysis of water and even enjoy two "do at home" experiments: the yeast inflating balloon and a volcano made with bi-carb and vinegar. But best of all will be the launch canister rockets which explodes under the force of compressed carbon dioxide - a salvo of film canister rockets banging off one after another.  These are also available as a take-home for a small extra cost.



If your pupils do not get enough physical exercise we will do some circuit training - only joking -  this will be electrical circuits.    Balloons have always been a source of endless fun and never more so when in the hands of The Boffins.  Quite apart from ruining ones hair style they can be used for chasing bits of plastic all around the room.   How about one as a take home? Almost as shocking as touching a Plasma Ball and getting a sharp reminder of the power of electricity (but it is safe!) or seeing a florescent light burst into light with static that has been passed through 4 or 5 bodies. 



Back by popular demand: We will invite your pupils to understand (in simplest terms) how everything around them is made of atoms. This will lead us on to a discussion of the three states of matter with a vivid demonstration by them of Penguins in the Antarctic. They will then be introduced to Dry Ice, one of the most fun demonstrations in our repertoire. Dry Ice burps, giant bubbles and fire extinguishers will finally give way to individually making a small quantity of instant ice cream for on the spot consumption. Science does not get any better than this. Subject to a small premium.



Extreme weather is both frightening and exciting.  Your pupils will be taken through all sorts of freaky conditions.  We will show them things that twist and give them hands on experience of tornados.  They may be allowed to make and feel lightning and even witness the formation of a cloud from which we can go on and make snow in their hands.  Volcanoes and earthquakes go hand in hand and the wrap might be a group challenge to build an earthquake proof building using Jenga blocks.



If you would like more information or wish to make a booking, please either call us on the number below or complete the National Science Week 2014 enquiry form and we will contact you within 48 hours.