School Science Shows, Workshops & Demonstrations for Primary Schools

“It’s a crazy idea but it just might work!”

Science Shows for Schools by Science BoffinsOur School Science Shows and Workshops enthral pupils in schools, museums and libraries. During National Science Week we are able to offer fun but Educational Science workshops.

Usually lasting between 30 and 60 minutes, a school science show or primary science workshop can include any of the following topics:

Some School Science Shows and Demonstrations:

  • States of Matter - Liquids and Solids have never been such a gas before Science Boffins illustrated them with dry ice and ice cream
  • Floating & Sinking - A whole new vista will rise and fall before your students’ eyes as they investigate the whys and wherefores that make substances go up and down. Hot Air Balloons and Dancing Raisins add to the mix.
  • It's A Gas - We will guide your pupils through the understanding that some solids and liquids contain gasses that can be liberated under certain conditions. Hydrogen Balloon Explosions and Film Canister Rockets add an extra blast.
  • Static & D C Electricity - Children learn about static electricity with fascinating demonstrations and, if they are good, enjoy a small electric shock!
  • Hands In Hands On - One of our most enjoyable workshops combines looking at plasma balls followed by a polymer teach-in.   The polymer take-home is a tub of noxious glowing slime in snotty green or putrid pink.
  • Science Workshops for SchoolsLet there be Light – Colour, Light and how the eye works culminates in an amazing indoor fireworks display observed through diffraction glasses.
  • The Human Body - Join an explanation as to how their body works (almost automatically) and learn how medics discovered how taking food, liquid and air can drive the most complex machine known to mankind.
  • Flying - This workshop discovers how men first satisfied their urge to fly like the birds and the science behind the hot air balloon which we launch.  A discussion of Bernoulli leads to a hands on experiment or two to prove his theory and then to more modern lighter than air machines.
  • Simple Machines - Back to the land of the Pharaohs for a hands on introduction to the simple machines discovered and used in that era.
  • Sounds like Fun - Experiments to explain sound and how it travels complemented by some serious karaoke fun.
  • Heat of the Moment - Temperature and explaining different methods by which heat is transmitted; our experiments demonstrate relative temperatures and how candy floss or pop-corn is made (possibly with samples!).
  • It’s a load of Hot Air – We look at the science behind hot-air balloons and the Wright Brothers’ early aeroplane designs, including Bernoulli’s Principle and the History of Flight, demonstrated by the making and flying of paper aeroplanes.
  • Crazy Reactions - Understanding chemical reactions and the factors that affect their rate of change in fun and interesting ways, resulting in amazing lights, colour variations and gas formations.
  • Science Demonstrations for SchoolsMagical Science – Discovering the science behind some popular magic tricks and optical illusions.
  • Bad Air Day - Experiments revealing the properties of air, smell, air pressure and the creation of a vortex.
  • Rockets - A countdown to an amazing day making and testing the power of rockets – whoosh!!.

Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic day yesterday!

Boffin Fiona was a huge hit! She was very well organised, excellent with the children and put on a fabulous performance. Both children and teachers were equally impressed.

If you would like more information about a school science workshop or wish to make a booking, please either call us on the number below or complete the Schools Enquiry form and we will contact you within 48 hours.