Frequently Asked Questions

Before we visit your school, please make sure you have asked any questions you may have:

1. Do you have your own public liability insurance?

Yes! All of our Boffins are hand picked and trained by our head Boffin. Part of their training process covers them for up to £10m.


2. Are the presenters DBS checked?

Of course! Safeguarding and the safety of both our presenters and children is top of the priority list, therefore we make sure that every presenter has a valid DBS, certified within the last 3 years.


3. How long is an assembly?

Our show can be up to 60 minutes, although shorter if you’re tight on time. It’s a mixture of our favourite experiments designed to excite and inspire the children.


4. How long is each workshop?

Our workshops are designed to be between 30 and 60 minutes.


5. How many children can you see at a time?

With an assembly, if the children can fit in the room then we’ll entertain them. With workshops we ask for no more than 30 pupils. If you need larger numbers than this, it will be more of an assembly program than a hands on workshop.


6. When will you invoice / when is payment due?

We normally invoice approximately 14 days before your science day, with the exception of events in March where due to high demand it may be after the event. We have 30 day terms from the invoice date.


7. How long before the presenter starts will they arrive?

Most presenters will arrive half an hour before they’re due to start. Some like a little more time, some a little less but half an hour is the average.


8. What equipment will you need us to supply?

All we need from you is a table (a lunch table is ideal), a power supply and access to water to fill jugs up.


9. Do you just do BSW?

No! We’re able to do events 365 days a year!


10. Do you do any other workshop titles?

We focus on 5 workshop titles each academic year, and normally change one or two over the summer holidays. To ensure our workshops are the best they can be, we’re unable to offer other titles during the school year.