Worksheets for Schools

We are looking forward to celebrating time with you at your school!

To make the most of the day, we have devised a worksheet which invites your pupils to explore their workshop theme deeper.

We have broken the worksheets down into three difficulty levels to engage children of all abilities. Roughly speaking, these are:

  • Beginner Boffin – aimed at KS1
  • Research Assistant – aimed at years 3 and 4
  • Supreme Scientist – aimed at years 5 and 6


These downloadable worksheets are completely free for you to use at your school, however we do ask you not to share them with other schools please.


Animals Including Humans Workshop


Plants Workshop


Plasma Ball Playful Polymers Workshop


States of Matter Workshop


Superheros Workshop


Thank you again for booking a Science Boffins workshop. We look forward to seeing you and your pupils soon!