Award winning children’s science parties in Bristol

 Childrens science parties

We offer exciting, interactive and educational science parties throughout Bristol. As the home of At-Bristol, the South West city is a fantastic hub for all things science which is why we are pleased to offer our interactive kids science parties throughout the city.

Bristol is filled with famous landmarks and visitor attractions that all feature different aspects of science in real life. From the Clifton Suspension Bridge to the SS Great Britain, Bristol is a great city to see science in action! Bristol has also been home to accomplished scientists including chemist Humphry Davy, physicist Paul Dirac and planetary scientist Colin Pillinger, the man behind the Beagle 2 project. This is why Bristol is the perfect place to host a Science Boffins party to inspire a future generation of scientists.

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Our children’s science parties can work in any space. All we need is room for a small table, the Boffin and the children! If we are lucky enough to have good weather (we’ll have a chat with our meteorologist friends), we can demonstrate our messier and explosive science experiments outside.

Kids Science Parties

“It’s science... but not as you've seen it!”

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What does a Kid's Science Party Cost?

Children's Science Parties can start from typically £10 per child (based on a party booking of up to 20 children), which includes free invites, thank-you notes and a take home gift! Each party is tailored to your own personal requirements and from the moment a party is booked our administration team is there to offer support and advice. Once the party is underway, parents can sit back as much as possible and enjoy the show as our Science Boffins are very good at captivating children’s attention.


How do I book a science party?

Booking a Science Boffins Children's party in Bristol couldn't be easier. Either call us on the number below and we can talk through your individual requirements and check availability, or fill out the short enquiry form by clicking this link ENQUIRY FORM. Once your party has been booked we will work with you to ensure that your science party is unforgettable and goes off with a bang!


Science Boffins Testimonials

THANK YOU for my son Sam’s 6th Birthday Party – Boffin David was fantastic; the children were talking about it for days – in fact, the adults enjoyed it as much as the children!!!! Many ThanksLisa


To learn whilst laughing is surely the best way for children to develop an understanding of how science affects every aspect of their world!

Contact us today, and let’s arrange a Kid's Science Party you’ll remember!