LAS and Clubs

Science Boffins create amazing parties for children with Learning Assisted Schools (LAS) and events full of fun and facts for Brownies, Cubs and Scouts.

Learning Assisted Schools (LAS) presents one of the most wonderful challenges that we grasp.

SEN Science Parties by the Science BoffinsScience Boffins have had the privilege of being selected by charities, schools and individuals to entertain their children at Learning Assisted Schools.

Our presenters display versatility to adapt traditional presentations to the requirements of their audience. We are sensitive to the unique disposition of each child and we work with them and their helpers to extract the very best aspects of the experiments so as to engage the kids as much as possible.

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Brownies Science Investigators Badge has never been so much fun! Science Boffins would be thrilled to come to your Unit and demonstrate lots of special activities Brownies Working Towards Their Science Investigators Badge with Science Boffinsthat would lead the Brownies through some of the requirements for their Science Investigator’s Badge.

Science Boffins have been to many Brownie Units around the country and they can verify that Science for the Brownies can be a whole bundle of fun.

Telling your Girls about famous Scientists will be demonstrated with loads of demonstrations. Our favourite is Daniel Bernoulli where we get up to all sorts of antics ending in launching a toilet roll which is unrolled over everyone.

Or how about our most famous British physicist, Sir Isaac Newton? Although Sir Isaac invented the cat flap we will find a lot more interesting experiments dealing with forces where the girls can get hands on with the basic facts.

Contact us today, and let’s start working towards your Science Investigator Badge!

Children’s Holiday Club activities have never been such fun as when the Science Boffins come along to entertain the kids.SEN Science Parties by the Science Boffins

We enjoy amusing kids of all ages from 5 to pre-teens in a variety of activities. We can either offer an extended party presentation or a specially tailored assembly type activity where we will have the children gasping at some of our mind blowing experiments such as Elephant’s Toothpaste, Bernoulli’s Loo Roll or Grow an Extra Hand.

We are pleased to say that many Clubs book us from year to year so if you would like us to come to your Club, please don’t leave it too late to book.

Contact us today for more information on the special activities we can provide at your holiday club.

It's official - getting the Scientist Activity Badge with Science Boffins is FUN!

Science Boffins would be thrilled to come to your Cub Scout pack to demonstrate lots of special experiments that would lead your Cub Scouts through some of the requirements for their Scientist Activity Badge.

Work Towards Your Scientist Activity Badge with Science Boffins

There are so many exciting experiments we can use to help your young Cubs gain their Scientist Activity Badge, particularly in Part A where we get to grips with The Physical World.

Sparks fly when we get to the Electricity section which always raises interest: making switches and getting to grips with magnetism. Beware of the Oh’s! and Ah’s! when we talk about hot air rising. The explanation is so simple and we prove it with an even more simple plastic bag.

As a finale we may show how to split white light with our own special diffraction grating glasses except that the light will be generated by Flash Paper such a brilliant instantaneous flash.

Science Boffins have worked with Cub Scout packs around the country and we would be happy to come and see you.

Contact us today, and let’s start working towards your Scientist Activity Badge!