Brownies Science Party

Brownies Science Investigators Badge has never been so much fun! Science Boffins would be thrilled to come to your Unit and demonstrate lots of special activities Brownies Working Towards Their Science Investigators Badge with Science Boffinsthat would lead the Brownies through some of the requirements for their Science Investigator’s Badge.

Science Boffins have been to many Brownie Units around the country and they can verify that Science for the Brownies can be a whole bundle of fun.

Telling your Girls about famous Scientists will be demonstrated with loads of demonstrations. Our favourite is Daniel Bernoulli where we get up to all sorts of antics ending in launching a toilet roll which is unrolled over everyone.

Or how about our most famous British physicist, Sir Isaac Newton? Although Sir Isaac invented the cat flap we will find a lot more interesting experiments dealing with forces where the girls can get hands on with the basic facts.

Contact us today, and let’s start working towards your Science Investigator Badge!