Cub Scouts Scientist Activity Badge

It's official - getting the Scientist Activity Badge with Science Boffins is FUN!

Science Boffins would be thrilled to come to your Cub Scout pack to demonstrate lots of special experiments that would lead your Cub Scouts through some of the requirements for their Scientist Activity Badge.

Work Towards Your Scientist Activity Badge with Science Boffins

There are so many exciting experiments we can use to help your young Cubs gain their Scientist Activity Badge, particularly in Part A where we get to grips with The Physical World.

Sparks fly when we get to the Electricity section which always raises interest: making switches and getting to grips with magnetism. Beware of the Oh’s! and Ah’s! when we talk about hot air rising. The explanation is so simple and we prove it with an even more simple plastic bag.

As a finale we may show how to split white light with our own special diffraction grating glasses except that the light will be generated by Flash Paper such a brilliant instantaneous flash.

Science Boffins have worked with Cub Scout packs around the country and we would be happy to come and see you.

Contact us today, and let’s start working towards your Scientist Activity Badge!