Slime Making Kit

In your slime pack you have:

  • 100ml bottle of Polymvinyl Alcohol 
  • 25ml bottle of sodium Tetrabroate 
  • 5ml Slime Colouring 
  • 5 pots
  • 5 lids 
  • 5 stirring sticks 


How to make Slime

1. Pour approximately 20ml of polyvinyl alcohol into your pot. This should be enough to cover the bottom of the pot.

2. Add 10 drops off your slime colouring to the polyvinyl alcohol and stir with your stirring stick 

3. Add 50 drops (5ml) of sodium tetraborate to your solution and stir 

4. If your slime is still quite runny add 5 drops of sodium tetraborate at a time until it goes slimy. Remember to keep stirring too; good slime takes time!

5. When you're not playing with your slime, remember to keep the lid on it so that it doesn't dry out


Download a copy of these instructions