Science Boffins Inspire at Edinburgh Science Festival

Science Boffins on tour at Edinburgh Festival

For the majority of artists, the opportunity to perform at the Edinburgh International Festival is an aspiration. For those who manage to make it to Edinburgh, it involves months of rehearsal, saving money, hunting for a venue (let alone hunting for a flat) and even then, you may put on a show that only pulls in half a dozen people off the street.

As both actors and presenters, we very often have conversations like this when all the Science Boffins come together biannually. Our various shows and creations that keep us occupied between events in the white coat dream of being successful enough to warrant a trip to Scotland, but sadly this is rarely the case.

And then the phone goes in the Science Boffins office. We have an invitation to perform at the Edinburgh Festival over two days. Not just one show a day but seven, and for none other than the BBC who had their own venue full of children eager to see some spectacular science.

With over 4 million people descending on Edinburgh during the international festival, this is one of those opportunities you don’t say no to. We sent Boffin Oli up over the weekend to perform our shows to the crowds on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th August.

The BBC have a show called “Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom” that they broadcast on their children’s channel; CBBC. In the absence of Dick and Dom themselves, Science Boffins were seen as the next best thing and presented to over 1,000 children across the two days, making ice cream, dry ice experiments, explosions and much more.

The feedback we received from the BBC was: “I just wanted to say on behalf of our little CBBC Events team a massive thank you to Oli for his hard work last week at the Edinburgh Festivals. He did an absolutely phenomenal job and the children loved him and really enjoyed the science experiments. The adults enjoyed them too and we have had fantastic feedback from families and also the main BBC team in Edinburgh.”

So another successful event in 2017! Here’s to Edinburgh International Festival 2018, and who knows, maybe we’ll have our own venue next time!