Popular and Fun Science to Try at Home

Science Corner Science Boffins experiment with nature’s magic but unlike magicians, our Boffins love to reveal how they do their crazy tricks.

Here are some science experiments children can try at home – perfect for entertaining your little ones on rainy days or during the school holidays. They are perfectly safe but children should always be supervised by an adult and the instructions should be followed VERY carefully.

All our experiments include easy-to-follow instructions and the equipment can be found at home.

Disappearing Water

This is a great experiment. Not only will it fool your family and friends but it will also show how modern scientists have produced materials to make our everyday life easier.

See our Disappearing Water experiment here.

Make your own Blast

Everyone knows that combining baking powder and vinegar makes tonnes of gas and bubbles, and it is great fun to see. But what is the formula and the gas coming out?

Make your own blast here.

Film Canister Rocket

Whether they are breaking the atmosphere into space or soaring through the sky here on Earth, all rockets are launched into the air by the generation of thrust. In this experiment you can launch your own home-made rocket and rocket fuel using everyday things around the house. As with any explosive experiment, make sure you have a grown up handy for this one.

Try our Film Canister Rocket experiment here.

Home-made Fire Extinguishers

Most homes and all schools and businesses have fire extinguishers. Fire needs heat, fuel and oxygen and fire extinguishers work by removing one of the critical ingredients for a fire. This experiment shows one way to do it but make sure you have an adult with you when you try it.

Find out more here.

Cotton Reel Tractor

An old one but a good one. Your parents or grandparents will remember making this very simple machine which will give you hours of fun. You only need everyday household equipment and the temporary use of an adult.

Try for yourself here.

Bernoulli says “You can’t blow ping pong balls for toffee!”

Try this little experiment and I guarantee you will have hours of fun with it either alone or like us if you use it at a children’s science party.

Have a go yourself here.

Run-away Spices

Adhesives make objects cohere (or adhere) together. Cohesion is the word for this sticking force. Cohesion occurs on lots of everyday objects – rain to car windows, chewing gum on the carpet, dirt to you when you have been in the garden. This experiment demonstrates cohesion (and does not leave a mess like the chewing gum!)

Try this fun experiment here.

Volcano Eruption

Here is a great way for you to make an enormous eruption, better than the old vinegar and bi-carb trick.

Make your own volcanic eruption here.

Seeing your Blind Spot

Did you know your retina (the back part of your eye) reacts to light and sends signals to the brain? There is, however, part of the retina that doesn’t give visual information. This is your eye’s blind spot. You are so used to it, you don’t know it is there – until you try this simple experiment.

Try for yourself here.