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Getting the Brownies’ Science Investigator Badge has never been so much fun! Science Boffins would be thrilled to come to your unit and demonstrate lots of special activities that would lead the Brownies through some of the requirements for their Science Investigator Badge.

Your Brownies will learn about famous scientists and their achievements with loads of fantastic demonstrations to show their work in action. One of our favourite experiments is linked to Daniel Bernoulli. In this experiment the children get up to all sorts of antics ending with launching a toilet roll which is unrolled over everyone.

How about our most famous British physicist, Sir Isaac Newton? Sir Isaac is obviously most famous for developing his theory of gravity but we provide a host of fun, educational experiments that will teach your Brownies all about the power of forces.

Call us today on 020 3780 8203 or fill out our enquiry form to find out more about our work with Brownies.

Brownies - Science Investigator Badge

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