What happens at a Science Boffins school event?

Our school science shows, assemblies and workshops enthral pupils in schools, museums and libraries.

During British Science Week 2019 we entertained over 25,000 children in workshops and thousands more in assemblies. It doesn’t stop there though, our fun and educational science workshops are available all year round.

Our school science shows or primary science workshops usually last between 30 and 60 minutes and we have 8 different workshops available for you as well as our fantastic assemblies.

Our school workshops and demonstrations:

States of Matter

Learning about atoms and the three states of matter, this workshop features dry ice burps, giant bubbles and fire extinguishers, plus each pupil gets the chance to make instant ice cream! Subject to a small premium of £120 for dry ice supply (less £40 discount for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday bookings). (Science Boffins cannot be held responsible for late or non-delivery of dry ice by a third party courier).

Plasma Balls & Playful Polymers

Looking at jaw dropping visual effects from the film industry, your pupils will create Frankenstein-like plasma flashes, have electricity pass through their bodies to light a fluorescent tube, and may even get a shock on their noses! Learning about polymers, your pupils will also make their own slime to take home.

Great Gases

With a selection of incredible experiments and demonstrations, prepare to see the power of vacuums, understand the air we breathe, and wonder at gases both harmlessly fun and tensely volatile with quite a few pops and bangs for good measure.

Fabulous Flames

One of the greatest forces of nature in the palm of our hand. Watch our Boffins demonstrate fire in ways never seen before – making flaming experiments to wow, amaze and educate on the power and the dangers of mankind’s greatest discovery.

Space-tacular Universe

From the depths of space we bring several fantastic astronomical experiments and science activities about space, planets, gravity and all things galactic. A truly fun and extraordinary way of bringing the cosmos to the classroom.

Know Your Newton

One of the greatest scientists in human history and a father of physics brought to the classroom. Learn and test Newton’s laws and see his experiments in practice. Gravity, rockets, cannons and balloons galore.

Incredible Illusions

Can you trust your own eyes? Our Boffins bring incredible scientific illusions to amaze, confuse and trick your senses and see which young boffins are sharp enough to figure it out. An interesting assortment examining the fine line between magic and science.

Forensics & Crime Scene Investigation

There’s been a robbery! Lots of stuff has been stolen, there’s a ransom note surrounded by evidence, and fingerprints have been left everywhere! In this crime scene investigation workshop, your pupils learn what it’s like to solve a crime, learning about chromatography, DNA and fingerprints. Plus pupils will get a copy of their fingerprints to take home.

To find out more about our school science workshops, demonstrations and assemblies, call us on 020 8953 5566 or click here