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Corporate Training Days

We know every event is unique, so we make sure that our shows and team building tasks are adaptable to each event’s needs We can offer the following:


We continually develop new shows to ensure we have something new and fun every year. Just to whet your appetite a typical show could look like this:

Initially we test whether the audience are the sort of colleagues you would want to work alongside you with an experiment testing their observation skills and more importantly their morals! As water disappears from a cup one willing victim risks getting wet as the remaining audience decide their fate.

Next the audience will hear about a poorly elephant with a toothache and be amazed by 3 small quantities of chemical making such a huge amount of mess!

All this AND an array of bangs, flashes and flames to amaze and surprise.

Each show is normally 30 to 60 minutes in length.

Science Boffins Corporate Entertainment in Action

Team Building Activities

Possible activities:

  • Stomp Rockets

Stomp Rockets can fly 400 feet but not when they come face to face with the enemy armed with leaf blowers dedicated to blasting the rockets out of the sky.  The winning team will be the one that manages to overcome the anti-missile barrage and travel furthest.

  • The Great Scientific Experiment Race

There will be a series of experiments in this unique team building race (experiments may include):

Tornado tubes - Get the water from one bottle to another the quickes

Squidy - Make Squidy stay at the bottom of a bottle for 5 second

Bernoulli’s Toilet Roll - Launch a toilet roll with a leaf blower

Hot Air Balloon - Make your hot air balloon reach the ceiling

Our adapted children’s workshops and activities

We know that team building activities are an excuse to have some fun in the workplace. We run workshops in schools and activity tables for children and all our children’s activities can be adapted for adult audiences.

We have entertained at corporate fun days and team building events around the UK including for the Weather Channel, Accenture and Virgin Media.

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