British Science Week 2024... We Can't Wait!

British Science Week 2024 Is Going To Be Awesome!

Let's Get Excited About British Science Week 2024

Here at Science Boffins, we absolutely love Science Week - it's the highlight of our year.

It gets even better as British Science Week 2024 is set to be the most incredible science week ever which has us even more excited than usual!

2024 is the 30th anniversary of British Science Week and the theme has been announced as "Time" and we've got some brilliant hands-on activities and Jaw-Dropping experiments planned and would love to bring them to your school. 

Even though Science Week is close to a year away the bookings are already flowing in thick and fast. As this could well be the biggest and best Science Week ever it looks like things might get booked up even earlier than usual.

Please don't miss out. If you'd like to have us bring an unforgettable experience to your school for science week check out all the details here. 

For the best chance of getting the times and dates that are best for your school then get in touch right away. Everything you need to know is here. 

If you have left it a little later than you'd have liked, go ahead and pop a few details in here.

We'll do our absolute best to help you out if we possibly can. 

Join us in celebrating the awe-inspiring world of science during this incredible week of discovery, experimentation, and inspiration. 

Let's make British Science Week 2024 an unforgettable experience for all!

The Science Boffins Team