British Science Week - with the Original Science Boffins

Science Boffins A Hit This British Science Week

British Science Week with Science Boffins

In March 2018, we enjoyed another successful British Science Week celebrating the wonders of science, technology and maths across the UK.

British Science Week is an annual event organised by the British Science Association and is one of our favourite weeks of the year.

Every British Science Week, we take our popular science assemblies, workshops and school events to even more schools and groups up and down the country and this year was no different.

Over the course of the week, we had 215 bookings which means we delivered our workshops and assemblies to more than 107,000 primary school pupils! From Glasgow to Belfast and from Plymouth to Hull, our team of Boffins took their experiments and demonstrations to the length and breadth of the UK. Our Boffins love British Science Week and said this year that the school visits made wearing the white coat all worthwhile.

We were so busy during British Science Week that our Head Boffin, David Hammerson, delivered an assembly to St Peter’s Catholic School in Stoke-on-Trent.

Following their Science Boffins visit this British Science Week, one of the teachers from St Vincent’s Primary School said: 

“The assembly was excellent and so interactive with the experiments and involvement of the children. Every workshop was so much fun and all the children had a fantastic time learning. Boffin Rebecca was a star – so good with the classes and kept things fun.”

Did you enjoy your British Science Week this year? Or did you miss out on booking an event? Why not book us now for British Science Week 2019 - book now to avoid disappointment.