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Superhero Fears His Days Are Numbered

A local superhero has spoken out amid fears that his services will not be needed in the near future. The hero, whose name has been protected for security purposes, said: “I’ve spent years saving the world and to be told that my future is threatened by children is just outrageous. What’s more, I didn’t see any of them wearing a silly outfit.”

Children have been caught learning about renewable energy and how to protect the environment in an effort to change the world. Local teachers have praised the efforts of national business Science Boffins, saying: “Their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed – every time I hit my head on the hanging water filter I remember Science Boffins coming to our school.”

Pupils are given the opportunity to learn facts about the environment and renewable energy before looking at solar power, wind energy and finishing by making a water filter for the school. There are explosions, hands-on activities, whole group discussions and of course lots of fun to be had.

Sorry Superman, it looks like there’s just not the demand for you anymore.

Science Boffins are excited to be teaching children how to be superheroes as part of British Science Week 2018.

As always, Science Boffins will be in high demand for this week and as such we recommend you book now to avoid disappointment.

In 2017 we saw a record breaking 200 schools in British Science Week and 2018 promises to be even bigger. We have new workshops and assembly programmes on offer to ensure your science day quite literally goes off with a bang!

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