How to Build Your Science Boffins T-rex

  1. Using the key below you can turn your T-Rex into a 3D optical illusion

  1. Carefully cut out your T-Rex using safety scissors.

  1. Have an adult help you for some of the trickier parts.


  1. Now you have your T-Rex cut out you need to fold it. All folds are backwards away from the T-Rex except T6, T7 and T8.


  1. Fold along all the dotted lines numbered F4, F5, F6 and fold tabs T1, T2, T3, T4, T5

  1. Next fold F1, F2 and F3 as illustration below and fold up T6, T7 and T8.


  1. Stick Tabs T2 and T4 to the base


  1. Stick tabs T1 and T5 behind T3


  1. Gently bend the head downwards so that T7 can be stuck to the top of the jaw line (L1) and stick T6 to the front of the jaw line (L2).


  1. Finally stick T8 to the back of your T-Rex’s head.


You will notice that your T-Rex now only has eyes for you as it’s whole head will follow you around the room


The science behind the task

Because the T-Rex head is concave (it goes inwards) rather than convex (sticking out) like we expect, our brain cannot understand this. Our brain immediately alters the image we see to make the T-Rex 3D. As we change the way we view the T-Rex our brain is constantly making the adjustments, so the eyes are always following us.