The Ultimate Boffins Science Week!

The Ultimate Boffins Science Week!

Was That The Best Science Boffins Science Week Ever?

Science Week 2024 might just have been the best Boffins Science Week ever!

There were plenty of bubbling concoctions, potions and fab science experiments but most importantly of all, all the children had an absolutely incredible time. 

Science Week is always the highlight of our year and this year was no exception. 

We would genuinely love to be able to help everyone who gets in touch but, despite our very best efforts, all our Boffins were completely booked. 

Science Week is always the busiest time in the Boffins calendar and we only have so many Science Boffins available and when they are booked up then there's not much more we can do. 

Please don't miss out. If you're interested in a Jaw-Droppingly fun Science Boffins experience for your school or organisation then don't delay. Get in touch now to secure your spot for Science Week 2025. 

All that remains to say is a big old thank you. Thank you to the absolutely incredible Science Boffins Team. An extra thank you to the Boffins Support Team doing the work behind the scenes at the Science Boffins Lab. 

Most of all thank you so much to all of the incredible schools, partners and organisations who helped to make Science Week 2024 the best ever for Science Boffins. 

As the UK's Original fun science provider we've been sharing incredible science fun for close to 20 years and to hit a new high is a massive thrill for us.

Will we be able to top it in 2025? Let's hope so. With your support let's make Science Week 2025 even better. It feels a long way off now but it's sure to come around really quickly. 

If you think you might like to do something to inspire children for Science Week 2025 then get in touch right now.

Thank so so much once again.

The Science Boffins Team

P.S. Please don't miss out - dates will go quickly for Science Week 2025. Find out everything you need to know right now.